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Search through our public database

KeyCombiner provides a growing database of public shortcut collections for everyone to explore. You can do this by browsing the shortcuts for a particular application or via this feature that searches over all public collections.

Use the output table to quickly build your own shortcut collections. The -icon shows at first glance which shortcuts are already in your collections. Hover over the icon to see the names of your collections that contain the respective shortcut.

For guests and free accounts, results are limited to the first 50 hits to increase rendering speed and decrease the load on our database. With a Pro subscription, you can see the first 500 results of all searches.

Features on this page

The form on top of the page allows to combine up to three search criteria. At least one has to be given. If you provide a query description, the retrieved shortcuts will contain your query within their description. Similarly, the search will return only the shortcuts that contain at least all given query keys.

If you provide only a description, both macOS and Win/Linux key bindings will be shown in the output table. If you fill only one of the key inputs, only the respective key bindings will be shown in the table by default. However, you can use the column visibility dropdown in the top left of the table to select dynamically which columns should be included.

The resulting combination table supports all popular multi-selection patterns. Hold Shift for range-selection. Use Ctrl for selecting multiple areas, and drag the mouse to select adjacent entries.

Copy the selected combinations to a personal collection via the Collect selected-button on top of the table.

Use the sidebar on the right to quickly filter through your collection by preset criteria. Use the different search fields for more complex queries.

Use the buttons at the top-left of the combination table to export the keyboard combinations in different formats. (Pro only)