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Notion is an all-purpose collaboration platform with markdown support that integrates kanban boards, tasks, wikis, and databases. With Notion's power and flexibility comes a significant amount of complexity. Keyboard shortcuts help immensely to navigate this complexity efficiently. With this interactive course, you will quickly learn Notion's most useful keyboard shortcuts. Using your keyboard to fly through your knowledge base can save hours per day.

Module: 1

This lesson covers the most essential Notion shortcuts. Once you have mastered these combinations, you will surely use them countless times every single time you are working with Notion.

Module: 2

Notion users take a lot of pride in making their pages look beautiful. With these basic styling shortcuts, you are about to do the same. Furthermore, this lesson contains one of the most important shortcuts fo…

Create Basic Blocks

Notion's blocks are an essential part of its concept and using the appropriate block type gets you a long way in becoming a Notion expert. However, choosing the best type with your mouse over and over again is…

Module: 3
Select Blocks

It can be tricky to select and edit a specific block, even more so when you want to bulk-edit a selection of multiple blocks. This lesson will finally make you feel in control of your block selection.

Move & Delete Blocks

This lesson contains several of the most underused Notion shortcuts. Moving, duplicating, and deleting blocks is a very frequent task in Notion, but doing it without keyboard shortcuts is annoying at best.

Edit Blocks

There are several ways to edit selected blocks in Notion. This lesson will make you very efficient in choosing the right one for your current task.

Module: 4
@ Commands

Linking relevant context is a powerful concept in most modern knowledge management systems and Notion is no different. Use these commands to link people, pages, and more.

Slash Commands I

The ability to use slash commands is a major benefit of Notion's editor. Learn some basic commands in this lesson.

Slash Commands II

You like Notion's slash commands? Then we suggest you learn some more with this lesson that covers more unusual block types.

Taking a Course

As an alternative to practicing your own manually created collections, KeyCombiner provides courses that group shortcuts into modules and lessons.

Taking a course mitigates the need to create your own collections and helps you get started with KeyCombiner.

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