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Software developers need a variety of text snippets in their day-to-day work. This course aims to cover the most essential ones that every developer should know by heart, independent of the programming languages and tools they are using. The covered technologies include Markdown, Emmet, and regular expressions.

Module: 1
Basic Markdown

Markdown has become ubiquitous in developer workflows. Master this lesson to become familiar with the most essential constructs.

Basic HTML

Even if you are not a web developer, you will sometimes come in contact with HTML. Learn these basic tags to know your way around.

Regex Essentials

As developers, we often need to use regular expressions or, at least, need to be able to read them. This basic lesson will get you up to speed.

Module: 2
Advanced Markdown

If you want to go the extra mile when crafting your issue descriptions and other Markdown content, you should take this lesson.

Regex Quantifiers

An important part of regular expressions is to specify how often a character or sequence should occur. This lesson will teach you how.

Emmet Essentials

If you sometimes have to write HTML, knowing basic Emmet syntax is a must. It is supported by all major editors and IDEs. Learning a couple of snippets via this lesson will result in huge productivity and conv…

Module: 3
HTTP Codes

HTTP response codes have even made it into mainstream memes. As a developer, you should make sure that you know the most frequent ones.

Regex Lookarounds

Regular expressions can be a powerful ally when you know how to make use of them. Many use cases are enabled by lookarounds that you will learn in this lesson.

HTML Core Attributes

HTML tags can have attributes that serve different functions. This lesson covers essential core attributes that are supported by all elements.

Module: 4
Regex Special Chars

Regex is a complex topic that goes far beyond this course. However, every developer can profit from knowing at least these common special character codes.

HTML Tables

Even though HTML tables are no longer a popular layouting technique, they are still widely used, even within Markdown. Take this lesson to master the basic syntax.

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