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Gmail is a free email service developed by Google. KeyCombiner will make your usage of the software more efficient. Not convinced? Read on to see how it works, and try it for free!

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3 Steps to Become a Power User of Gmail

KeyCombiner improves your Gmail workflows in several ways. Here are three concrete examples.

Just looking to browse the most advanced table of Gmail shortcuts? Click here to visit the public collection.

1. Learn the Keyboard Shortcuts through an interactive course: Jumpstart Gmail Productivity

This course was hand-crafted by domain experts to maximize learning efficiency.

The course consists of several small, concise lessons that are grouped into modules. Lessons are carefully separated by topic and importance, meaning that the first lessons should already cover the most useful combinations.

Not convinced? Take the first lessons for free and see for yourself how fast you can learn shortcuts with KeyCombiner.

2. Instantly Look up Shortcuts and Commands

KeyCombiner Desktop enables you to instantly look up all shortcuts that are in your collections or lessons plus those of the currently active application.

This means, whenever you are working in Gmail, you can press Meta/Cmd+Alt+C and KeyCombiner will show you Gmail's keyboard shortcuts. This way, you don't need to leave your current context, and can return to work immediately afterward.

If you are interested in how this works in detail, we have written a blog post about it:
An app to show the shortcuts of the current application for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

3. Find the right Gmail Shortcuts for your Workflows

KeyCombiner's collection tables can be searched, filtered, and sorted in more ways than you can imagine. In one click, you can filter by category or modifier combination, or for any key on the keyboard. Of course, there is also full text search.

We don't stop there though. KeyCombiner's collection visualizer maps all of Gmail's keyboard shortcuts onto a virtual keyboard. This helps to find relationships between key bindings, or to identify free combinations, in case you like to organize your own key bindings.

By the way, we have a blog post about that, too: An Interactive Virtual Keyboard to Visualize any Collection of Shortcuts

Animation too fast or too small? Please don't bother with this demo and try it out for yourself with KeyCombiner's public collection of Gmail shortcuts.

The Most Advanced Gmail Cheat Sheet

Browsing the official documentation or printing out a list of keyboard shortcuts is great, but it does not scale well when you are searching for a specific entry among hundreds of key bindings.

KeyCombiner's collection tables offer a range of features that you won't find anywhere else.

  • Collection visualizer that maps the 90 Gmail keyboard shortcuts onto a virtual keyboard.
  • Show key bindings for Windows, Linux, macOS individually, or side-by-side.
  • Full text search on the entire data, or limited to a description, keys, or category.
  • One-click filtering by category or combination of modifiers.
  • Click on a virtual keyboard button to filter the collection table for all combinations containing the respective key.
  • Sort by category, keys, description, or combination of modifiers.
  • Instantly pull up the current application's shortcuts, and the entirety of your personal collections with KeyCombiner Desktop's instant lookup.
  • Export Gmail's keyboard shortcuts to PDF, CSV, and XLSX.