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Java is a class-based, object-oriented programming language that is designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible. KeyCombiner will help you learn the syntax and your cheat sheet when you don't remember. Not convinced? Read on to see how it works, and try it for free!

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3 Steps to Become a Power User of Java

KeyCombiner improves your Java workflows in several ways. Here are three concrete examples.

Just looking to browse our public tablep of Java syntax and commands? Click here to visit the public collection.

1. Learn the Syntax

Increase your efficiency when working with Java by learning its syntax and commands. KeyCombiner's typing trainer uses flashcard and spaced repetition techniques to facilitate keyboard shortcut learning. You can learn tens or even hundreds of short text snippets that will make you a Java wizard in a short time.

Scroll down to try out the interactive trainer with some of Java's commands right here on this page.

2. Instantly Look up Shortcuts and Commands

KeyCombiner Desktop enables you to instantly look up all shortcuts that are in your collections plus those of the currently active application.

This means, whenever you are working with Java, you can press Meta/Cmd+Alt+C and KeyCombiner will show you all Java commands in your collections. This way, you don't need to leave your current context, and can return to work immediately afterward.

If you are interested in how this works in detail, we have written a blog post about it:
An app to show the shortcuts of the current application for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

3. Find the right Java Commands for your Workflows

KeyCombiner's collection tables can be searched, filtered, and sorted in more ways than you can imagine. You can filter by category or search through the data with live updating full text search in one click. The Java collection is available to the public; no registration needed.

2 Steps to Learn Syntax and Commands with KeyCombiner

Learning keyboard shortcuts, and text snippets with KeyCombiner is simple. You create collections and then practice them. KeyCombiner does the rest and makes sure that your training is as effective as possible.

1. Select Text Snippets from KeyCombiner's public Java logoJava collection

KeyCombiner's public Java collection has 52 entries. Select precisely those that you need for your workflow and add them to your personal collections.

KeyCombiner will always show you which combinations of a public collection are already in your collections, so you don't lose track when gradually expanding your knowledge.

All entries in your personal collections will always be available in KeyCombiner Desktop's instant lookup. Next time you are trying to remember a Java command, you don't need to suffer a context switch by searching on the Web.

Training Statistics

2. Go to your KeyCombiner Dashboard and click Practice

KeyCombiner's interactive trainer can be used with any of your collections. It comes with a flashcard inspired learning experience. Spaced repetition algorithms maximize learning efficiency. You can try out KeyCombiner's interactive trainer with a random selection of 20 Java commands right here.

If you create an account, you can choose exactly which commands and keyboard shortcuts you want to practice. You can combine your Java practice with 70+ other applications and topics for which KeyCombiner has a public collection or define new key combinations from scratch. KeyCombiner will save detailed statistics and use them to speed up your learning progress.

The Most Advanced Java Cheat Sheet

KeyCombiner's collection tables offer a range of features that you won't find anywhere else.

  • Full text search on the entire data, or limited to a description, keys, or category.
  • One-click filtering by category or combination of modifiers.
  • Sort by category, keys, or description.
  • Instantly pull up the current application's shortcuts, and the entirety of your personal collections with KeyCombiner Desktop's instant lookup.
  • Export your Java collection to PDF, CSV, and XLSX.