Organize, learn, and practice keyboard shortcuts!

Create your own shortcut collections by importing from a large public database of shortcuts (VSCode, Vim, IntelliJ, Gmail, Notion, Excel, etc.). Learn and practice exactly the shortcuts you need. KeyCombiner facilitates learning with advanced statistics and spaced repetition methods. Share your collections with friends or colleagues to establish common knowledge.

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Developer Productivity

Do you know the most common shortcuts?

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    Organize Shortcut Knowledge

    All your shortcuts at a glance

    Get an overview of your shortcut knowledge and gradually expand it.

    Personal Shortcut Collection

    Import from Public Collections

    Import shortcuts and text snippets to quickly build personal collections of everything you use.

    Importing from a public shortcut collection.
    Public Shortcut Database

    Instant Shortcut Lookup with KeyCombiner Desktop

    KeyCombiner Desktop enables you to instantly look up all shortcuts that are in your collections plus those of the currently active application.

    KeyCombiner Desktop is the first and only application that brings this functionality to Windows and Linux.

    In addition to looking up keyboard shortcuts, you can just as well look up any text snippet that is hard to remember but needed often. People like to use this for Git commands, regex syntax, and even as an instantly available cheatsheet for programming language constructs.

    To trigger the lookup from anywhere, press Super+Alt+C on Windows and Linux, or Shift+Cmd+K on macOS. These default bindings can be changed to your liking.

    Organize and Learn Shortcuts

    Learn your collections flash-card style. Spaced repetition algorithms maximize learning efficiency.

    Leveraging KeyCombiner's extensive collection building features, you can learn exactly the keyboard shortcuts you need and want to use. Similar to how you create playlists in music software, KeyCombiner lets you import shortcuts from a public database into your own collections.

    Of course, you can modify, duplicate, and move around combinations once they are in your collections. Need a shortcut we do not yet have in any public collection? You can always add it yourself.

    No pre-defined drills with things you will never need.

    Developer Productivity

    Improve Accuracy

    During training, KeyCombiner gathers detailed statistics, recording the number of errors and even the time you take for a specific key combination.
    This will help you identify bad habits and common mistakes.

    For each shortcut or text snipppet in your collections, KeyCombiner calculates a confidence score based on your practice performance.

    The confidence score takes into account how often you typed a combination correctly, how often you skipped it, how often you made an error while typing it, and how long you took on average. This will give a very quick overview which combinations you have already internalized.

    Developer Productivity