Shortcuts are Key for Productivity

Organize, Learn, and Train Keyboard Shortcuts

Developer Productivity

How fast can you type the most common shortcuts?

Organize Shortcut Knowledge

All your shortcuts at a glance

Get an overview of your shortcut knowledge and gradually expand it.

Personal Shortcut Collection

Import from Public Collections

Import shortcuts and text snippets to quickly build personal collections of everything you use.

Public Shortcut Database

Learn Shortcuts

Learn your collections flash-card style. Spaced repetition maximizes learning efficiency. Leveraging KeyCombiner's extensive collection building features, you can learn exactly the keyboard shortcuts you need and want to use.
No pre-defined drills with things you will never need.

Developer Productivity

Become Faster

In addition to learning new shortcuts and text snippets, KeyCombiner can help you to build muscle memory and to become a faster typist. Typing keyboard shortcuts usually does not come with visual feedback, so it is easy to think that you are already fast with your favorite ones. With KeyCombiner, you can test your skills and find out.

Developer Productivity

Improve Accuracy

During training, KeyCombiner gathers detailed statistics, recording the number of errors and even the time you take for a specific key combination.
This will help you identify bad habits and common mistakes.

Developer Productivity