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  • Recent Test Run Statistics
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Explore public collections

KeyCombiner provides a growing database of public shortcut collections for everyone to explore.

Any collection comes with advanced filtering and search capabilities.

Public Shortcut Database

Create personal collections

KeyCombiner makes it very easy to create a collection with all your shortcuts by importing them from public collections.

Of course, you can modify, duplicate, and move around combinations once they are in your collections.

Need a shortcut we do not yet have in any public collection? You can always add it yourself.

Public Shortcut Database

Practice your collections

In an ideal world, we would just learn keyboard shortcuts on the job, while using them. The truth is, this performs poorly. Applications often do a bad job at promoting their shortcuts, and using them only once in a while is not enough for building muscle memory.

KeyCombiner lets you learn precisely the shortcuts you need.
The interactive trainer has a visual keyboard, so you never need to look at your physical one.

Training Statistics

Practice Statistics

For each 60-seconds practice run, KeyCombiner creates sophisticated statistics, showing you where you are making mistakes and how to improve.

See how long you take on average for each combination and find out which shortcuts and text snippets need more practice.

Training Statistics

Per Combination Statistics

For each shortcut or text snipppet in your collections, KeyCombiner calculates a confidence score based on your practice performance.

The confidence score takes into account how often you typed a combination correctly, how often you skipped it, how often you made an error while typing it, and how long you took on average. This will give a very quick overview which combinations you have already internalized.

Training Statistics
Detailed Insights

In addition to the confidence score, KeyCombiner provides access to all test results for each keyboard shortcut and text snippet in your collections.

This can help you go beyond just knowing a keyboard shortcut. The goal is to be able to use them fast, and accurately.

Keyboard Combination Statistics

Share Collections

Get a public URL for any of your collections with the click of a button. Want to show a co-worker which shortcuts you know? No problem!

Export Collections

Export collections to CSV, XLSX, and PDF.

Support for MacOS, Windows, and Linux

KeyCombiner automatically detects your system and shows the right shortcuts. In addition, you can show keyboard shortcuts for all systems side-by-side.