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Master VSCode

20 lessons

Visual Studio Code has quickly become one of the most popular IDEs, if not the most popular. Its flexibility enables work with any kind of code base and project. Unfortunately, it is easy to get stuck with inefficient workflows when you are missing some important commands. This interactive course will help you explore and master VSCode's keyboard shortcuts.

Notion Mastery

9 lessons

Notion is an all-purpose collaboration platform with markdown support that integrates kanban boards, tasks, wikis, and databases. With Notion's power and flexibility comes a significant amount of complexity. Keyboard shortcuts help immensely to navigate this complexity efficiently. With this interactive course, you will quickly learn Notion's most useful keyboard shortcuts. Using your keyboard to fly through your knowledge base can save hours per day.

Jumpstart Gmail Productivity

8 lessons

Reading and writing emails takes a significant chunk of time in each day of many working professionals. Therefore, becoming more efficient with your mail workflows will pay great dividends. Take this course to learn the most important keyboard shortcuts of Gmail and to save valuable time throughout your career.

Master IntelliJ IDEA

16 lessons

IntelliJ IDEA is JetBrains' original flagship and likely the most sophisticated of all Java IDEs. However, any IDE is limited by the abilities of its user. This course will teach you all important IDEA keyboard shortcuts and hence enable you to harness its full power.

Become a PyCharm Expert

15 lessons

PyCharm is likely the most sophisticated Python IDE. Especially when working with Django and other web application frameworks, it is second to none. This course will teach you all important PyCharm keyboard shortcuts and hence enable you to harness the full power of the IDE.

Terminal Wizardry

4 lessons

The terminal is an essential tool for developers, system administrators, and other tech workers. Surprisingly, its shortcuts are often overlooked. Did you know there is shortcut to undo the last editing operation? Take this course to learn the most useful tricks.

Efficient Chrome Usage

6 lessons

The web browser has become one of the most essential professional tools of any information worker. As with any other professional tool, it takes effort and practice to master it. This course will teach you Google Chrome's most important features and how to use them effectively via keyboard shortcuts. Please note that this course needs to be done with KeyCombiner Desktop, otherwise your browser will intercept many shortcuts.

Boost PHPStorm Productivity

15 lessons

PHPStorm by Jetbrains is widely regarded as the most sophisticated environment for professional PHP development. It integrates well with modern frameworks, such as Symfony, Laravel, or CodeIgniter. Take this course to make the most of PHPStorm's complex and extensive feature set.

Efficient CLion Usage

15 lessons

CLion goes to great lenghts to make C and C++ development more convenient. It is developed by jetBrains and provides code assistance, refactoring tools, code generation utilities, and more. This interactive course will teach you how to use your favorite features efficiently, and show you entirely new ones.

Play AoE 2: DE like a Pro

30 lessons

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition is a highly competitive real-time-strategy game. Playing it at a competitive level requires masterful usage of keyboard shortcuts. Even for casual players, it is important to know the essential combinations. This course starts with hotkeys that every player should know if they want to prevail in multiplayer games. The course then proceeds with more advanced lessons for ambitious field commanders.

Boost RubyMine Productivity

17 lessons

RubyMine by Jetbrains is widely regarded as the most sophisticated environment for professional Ruby development. It is the perfect environment for working on large-scale Rails applications. Take this course to learn RubyMine's shortcuts and make the most of its features.

Become a Slack Guru

9 lessons

Slack is the central business communicaton platform of many modern organizations. It aims to replace email with something faster and more feature-rich. Take this course to tame its power and stop feeling overwhelmed.

Text Snippets for Developers

11 lessons

Software developers need a variety of text snippets in their day-to-day work. This course aims to cover the most essential ones that every developer should know by heart, independent of the programming languages and tools they are using. The covered technologies include Markdown, Emmet, and regular expressions.

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