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The terminal is an essential tool for developers, system administrators, and other tech workers. Surprisingly, its shortcuts are often overlooked. Did you know there is shortcut to undo the last editing operation? Take this course to learn the most useful tricks.

Module: 1

This lesson covers the most essential Terminal shortcuts. If you frequently work with the terminal, this lesson will increase your productivity immensely.

Module: 2

Everyone knows that the terminal saves a history of your commands. Take this lesson to learn how to use and efficiently navigate it.


The terminal does not support mouse usage, hence it is even more important to learn its editing shortcuts. This lesson will show you how to delete and swap parts of your current command with ease.

Module: 3
Advanced Cursor Operations

Moving your terminal's cursor position with the keyboard is not always intuitive. You have to learn the shortcuts to do it efficiently. This lesson is the fastest way to do it.

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