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Reading and writing emails takes a significant chunk of time in each day of many working professionals. Therefore, becoming more efficient with your mail workflows will pay great dividends. Take this course to learn the most important keyboard shortcuts of Gmail and to save valuable time throughout your career.

Module: 1

This lesson teaches the most essential Gmail shortcuts that you can use to save time and make your life easier.


Gmail provides a number of actions that you can perform on your emails. This lesson covers the more important ones. It pays off quickly to be able to do them from the keyboard.

Module: 2

Emails are rarely formatted well, because it is to tedious to apply formatting. After mastering this lesson, your emails will stand out and look more professional.

Compose & chat

This lesson covers many tasks that are frequently needed when composing new mails. We particularly recommend the combinations to access the CC and BCC fields quickly.

Module: 3

Gmail was a pioneer among web apps with its keyboard shortcuts to jump between different components of the software. This lesson covers these go-to shortcuts that are now used in similar fashion in many other…

Threadlist selection

This lesson covers very useful Gmail features that are not uses in most daily workflows. However, they are great when organizing large numbers of mails.

Module: 4
Advanced Formatting

Selecting a conversation in the threadlist is a very important task when you are working with multiple conversations at once. This lesson covers the most important shortcuts to select a conversation.

Advanced Actions

To round off your advanced shortcut knowledge, learn these additional formatting shortcuts. They will make the Gmail editor feel like a sophisticated text editor application.

Taking a Course

As an alternative to practicing your own manually created collections, KeyCombiner provides courses that group shortcuts into modules and lessons.

Taking a course mitigates the need to create your own collections and helps you get started with KeyCombiner.

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