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Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition is a highly competitive real-time-strategy game. Playing it at a competitive level requires masterful usage of keyboard shortcuts. Even for casual players, it is important to know the essential combinations. This course starts with hotkeys that every player should know if they want to prevail in multiplayer games. The course then proceeds with more advanced lessons for ambitious field commanders.

Module: 1

This first lessons teaches essential hotkeys for commands that are needed throughout the game. Knowing the keyboard shortcuts will make you a faster and more efficient player.

Villager Build: Economy

A great economy is the key to most victories in Age of Empires. Knowing the hotkeys for constructing the respective buildings will get you a long way.

Essential Cycle Commands

The game provides many useful commands to cycle through different elements of the same type. This lesson covers the most important ones and is one of the most important lessons in the course.

Module: 2
Villager Build: General & Tech

Commanding your villagers to construct buildings is a frequent taks in any game and should be as efficient as possible. This lesson covers some first combinations for the building worfklow.

Villager Build: Fortification

Building fortification structures often needs to happen as quickly as possible. Quick-walling as a micro technique even has its own term. Master this lesson to protect your empire.

Villager Build: Military

There is only a relatively small set of military buildings that is important for every civiliation. Therefore, mastering this lesson is relatively easy and will help you to scale your unit construction.

Military Building Selection

In Age of Empires 2: DE, it is no longer needed to use control groups for building units. Instead, you can simply select all military buildings of a specific type by using the shortcuts in this lesson.

Group Commands

Grouping units and buildings is an essential aspect of most RTS games. Mastering this technique is mandatory to prevail in multiplayer games.

Module: 3
Town Center

The Town Center is likely the most important building of the game. Knowing its hotkeys will help you with any civilizatino and game plan.

Cycle Military Buildings

Cycling through military buildings can be essential when you need to build units in specific locations. This lesson will teach you how.

Unit Commands

Different units in the game can follow differrent orders. This lesson covers some of the more important commands to control your units.

Military Units: Essential

Age of Empires provides an abundance of ways to control your military units. This lesson teaches the more important ones.

Module: 4

The Barracks is the centerpiece for building infantry armies. Learning these unit building and tech shortcuts can give you the edge in many battles.

Archery Range

For many civilizations and play styles, the archery range is the most important military buildings. Master this lesson if you like to attack enemies from afar.


The stable is home to some of the most powerful and iconic units of AoE 2. This lesson teaches how to build and upgrade your cavalry.

Siege Workshop

Siege units are vital for breaking the enemies' walls and to deal with large groups of units. This lesson teaches how to build and upgrade them.

Module: 5

The market is an essential tool for competitive players and during games with many players. Hence, learning its hotkeys pays off quickly.

Economy Buildings

This lesson teaches keyboard shortcuts for all actions that can be done from economy buildings.


Buying unit upgrades at the blacksmith is at the right time is often what sets advanced players apart from the rest. Master this lesson will make your upgrades easier to do.

Module: 6

Castles are perhaps the most iconic buildings in all of Age of Empires. This lesson teaches hotkeys for all important actions that can be done from a castle.


There are many actions that can be performed from the Dock. If you like to play on water maps, you need to master this lesson.


Unjustly, the monastery sees little use in casual games. Making use of monks and monastery tech can be incredibely powerful in the right hands.

Module: 7

University upgrades are done only once per game, so it is feasible to do them via mouse clicks. However, if you take learn the shortcuts, you will automatically get an overview of all the possible upgrades.

Visual Toggles

The game allows you to toggle certain visual elements and styles. Knowing how to trigger them effciently can give you the edge in otherwise confusing battles.

Advanced Building Selection

After mastering this lesson, you will be able to select all non-military buildings of a specific type.

Module: 8
Dock Tech

The dock comes with several technologies to upgrade your ships. Learning the respective hotkeys will not only make you faster at upgrading, but also help you get an overview of the available upgrades

Military Units: Advanced

If you want to have all the options when it comes to controlling your military units, take this advanced lesson.

Advanced Building Cycling

Cycling through non-military buildings is rarely needed, but if you want to show off, this lesson will teach you how.

Module: 9
Spectator/Replay Commands

Do you want to watch or even commentate on replays? If so, this is the lesson for you.

Game Commands

Admittedly, the meta-combinations in this lesson will not make you a faster player. However, if you go this far, you might as well learn them, too.

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